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Morning After Drama is the brainchild of Paul Danan and a collective of passionate specialist recovery and mental health workers and producers. During the first lockdown of the COVID pandemic in 2020, Paul launched a drama workshop in Bristol that was aimed at supporting the mental health and positive life development of people in active recovery at a time when isolation was having an impact on so many.


The program continues to positively impact the community in Bristol with weekly workshops at the Unitarian Church Hall in St Paul's, Bristol every Monday at 5pm. These sessions are free and open to anyone recovering from poor mental health, addiction or who would like to build confidence and have fun with a welcoming group of non judgemental and wonderful people.

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From our humble beginnings of weekly online sessions, Morning After Drama has grown into a fully fledged specialist service used by organisations who wish to provide a person centred service to the people they support.


We have developed specifically tailored workshops for a variety of organisations supporting prison leavers, people suffering from a range of mental health conditions, young people from areas with high crime and drug use rates and those in recovery from addiction and are delivering these workshops across London, Oxford and the South West. 


The workshops instil a sense of worth and provide inspiration, whilst simultaneously tackling tough subjects such as drug use, sexuality, mental health and more, which are all too often delivered as a forgettable speech and miss the mark. Our non judgemental approach allows each individual to feel safe and seen, often for the first time.


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Paul first trained at the internationally renowned and esteemed Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts as well as the Lee Strasburg School of Method Acting and spent 4 years playing Sol Patrick in Hollyoaks. Paul has gone on to star in a number of feature films and stage performances showing his incredible versatility as an actor.


Along his own pathway towards recovery, Paul recognised all of the positive impacts that are synonymous with engaging with the arts; building confidence, a sense of belonging, togetherness and purpose.

Over the past 10yrs, Paul has been actively working on drama and theatre projects that seek to highlight the impact and taboos that are often associated with mental health as well as providing opportunities to positively change the lives of vulnerable groups of people with one-to-one and group workshops.

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