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Our Community Workshops in Bristol and Weston-super-Mare
Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund

Our free workshops offer a fun and safe environment for people recovering from addiction to express themselves through the creative arts. Improv and drama activities help to build self-confidence and mental well-being, providing a much-needed outlet to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Our workshops are popular with those looking to improve their mental health, as well as those in recovery from addiction.


Our unique delivery of improv and theatre classes began in 2020 in Bristol and we continue to deliver these every week to people in Bristol who are in recovery from or working towards recovery from addiction, those who want to improve their mental health, build their confidence and meet new people by doing something completely different.

In 2022, we offered our free workshops to the community of Weston-super-Mare and have been delivering these ever since. 

Our sessions bring people from all different backgrounds together and, as well as providing a fun and engaging environment with a lot of laughter to our participants, it has also been a place where strong friendships have been forged.

When you walk through the door of one of our workshops, you can expect a warm and friendly welcome and a safe, open and non judgemental space to explore, create and perform a range of characters and scenes and be entertained by others. 

If you are in Bristol or Weston-super-Mare and are looking for something to support your personal development, connect with others or just enjoy a laugh with likeminded people, come and join us!


Mondays at 5pm at the Unitarian Meeting Hall

Brunswick Square

St Paul's





Wednesdays at 5pm at The Stable

Wadham Street


North Somerset

BS23 1JY


"The sessions are an oasis amongst the rigmarole of meetings, step work and sponsorship. It's a lot of fun but also takes you out of your comfort zone." - SB

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